Thursday, September 29, 2016

(So Called) "Diversity" In Technology WILL NOT Come From Progressive Activism But From Those Who See That Today's Access To High Tech Is Easier Than Ever AND THAT It Is The COMPANY THAT THEY KEEP Who Can TEACH THEM Or DECEIVE THEM Into Seeing Themselves As Marginalized Victims With 'Their Vote" As Their Main Valuable To Be Harvested

You don't need to know as single thing about what they are talking about to understand (take it from me) that THIS TECHNOLOGY, just 10 years ago, required one to be an expert in electronics and Assembly Language/C programming in order to play in this space.

Today's problem is that despite it being easier and less expensive than ever to make functional electronic gadgets - most Americans are being tuned out to the pathway that they must take to increase their marketable skills.

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