Thursday, September 08, 2016

Fraud & Homkum's Journal: A Black Alabama Elected Official Files A Lawsuit Claiming Elections Fraud. Unfortunately She Will Get No Assistance From The NAACP Because Their Brand Of JUSTICE First Considers The Damage That Progressive On Progressive Elections Lawsuits Have In Their Common Fight Against The White Right Wing Establishment


It is important NOT to ask: "Why isn't the NAACP Legal Defense Fund" taking up the claimed election fraud case for a Black female incumbent who lost the Democratic Primary election.
Such a question ascribes POWER and INTENT to the NAACP that it does not have.

The NAACP is ONLY a Marginal, Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalist, Political Opportunist group.    BLACK FACE is the cover for its opportunism.

It is when you make the mistake that their goal is SYMMETRICAL JUSTICE - in the form of DEVELOPED BLACK PEOPLE AS A RESULT OF FUNCTIONAL GOVERNANCE OF 'BLACK COMMUNITY HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS' that you give them more credibility than they deserve as political operatives.

The ironic point is that, for outgoing Fairfield City councilwoman Gloria Matthews - any claims of ELECTION FRAUD that she makes - will have to go through the normal legal channels (of sentimental and financial support) that a normal WHITE CANDIDATE would have to vie for, because the NAACP SEES NO OPPORTUNITY FOR "PROGRESSIVE NATIONALIST POLITICAL GAINS".

Fairfield City Alabama - Built Up By US Steel - Vacated By Walmart 
A Case Of Broken Government, But Black Progressive Activist Pride In Accomplishment

First - read the story as to how Councilwoman Matthews received her seat in power - after the replacing a corrupt previous occupant of the seat of power.

This is what happens when the LUST FOR POLITICAL POWER becomes disconnected from the GOVERNANCE OF THE INSTITUTIONS through which the people are developed

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