Friday, September 09, 2016

Fraud & Hokum's Journal: A Popular Detroit Principal Says She "Fell Out Of Favor With GOD" When She Received $190K In Kickbacks. She Never Lost Favor With The "Detroit NAACP" Who Say That "State Republican School Budget Cuts Forced A Passionate Black Educator To Seek Alternative Funding To Purchase School Supplies For Her Black Students"

THE FRAUD OF THE ACTIVISTS / POLITICAL OPPORTUNISTS is exposed when actions that MATERIAL INJURE BLACK STUDENTS and expose MOLESTATION OF "THE SYSTEM" are not met with the same VOW FOR "JUSTICE" because such a pursuit would prove to be a SELF-INDICTMENT.

At some point only the WHITE PROGRESSIVE CHESHIRE FOX ALLY - who goes beyond their friendship with BLACK PROGRESSIVE CONTAINER MANAGERS and seek to DIRECTLY SUPPORT "UNDER-DEVELOPED FELLOW AMERICANS" (who happen to be Black) from the system that controls their CONTAINER, making them come up short from the promise of Social Justice.  INSTEAD these White Allies show that they ONLY want the "Black Community Valuable" to advance Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalism, knowing that the carrot of "FUTURE SOCIAL JUSTICE" is necessary to retain "Intra-Progressive Inter-racial UNITY"

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