Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Filled Negro Had Is Congregation Tricked By His Statement: "The Arraignment Hearing Of A Black Man In NJ Looked Like A Prequal To A Lynching" UNTIL Most Of His Congregation Recognized That The Latest Murder Scene In Philly Was Right Down The Street"

The Scene In Court That Allowed Filled Negro's Congregation To Be Drawn Back 70 Years Ago When Such A Black Man Accused Of Shooting A White Police Officer Would Be LYNCHGED, REGARDLESS Of The Legal Findings Of His Guilt Or Innocence  Two Men Charged With Shooting An Atlantic City Police Officer Appear In Court

When Filled Negro's Congregants thought about the murder that took place at Kensington Ave and E. Allegheny Ave, under the Market-Frankford El, just after 1am.and the fact that 6 hours later they would be riding past this MURDER SCENE, this REALITY trumped Filled Negro diversionary distortive molestation of their sense of equolibrocation.

(Another) A Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt (Again) In The Kensington Section Of North Philly

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