Sunday, September 11, 2016

Constructive Feedback University: "The American Containerized Negro" Prefers AFFIRMATION Of What He Already Believes, OVER A REMOVAL OF THE CONTAINER In Order To Inform Him Of His UTILITY For Other People's Agenda Both IN And OUTSIDE Of The Container, In Both Cases - AGAINST ORGANIC BLACK COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT In Favor Of IDOL WORSHIP


The Fusion Of "The US GOVERNMENT'S AGENDA" With The "American Containerized Negro's SCHEMING Against Other Blacks In The Name Of Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalism Through Propaganda"..................IS A DANGER FOR "REST OF WORLD PEOPLE OF COLOR" Whose Plight Is Filtered Out From The CONTAINER, Reduced To ONLY The Propaganda Information That AFFIRMS PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST NATIONALSIM

Progressive Fundamentalist Huff Po Shows Side By Side Photos Of "Girls Life" (An Independent Magazine) And "Boy's Life" (The Official Organ Of The Boy Scouts Of America.


  • Noting how the Progressive Fundamentalist Activist attacks on the Boy Scouts as a hate-filled DISCRIMINATORY magazine
  • Noting that the "Boy Scouts Of America" is strongly tied to the cultural groundings of the "Christian Church"
  • "The Boy Scouts Of America" has provided guidance to TENS OF MILLIONS OF BOYS because they have a PURPOSE.....

Huff Po focuses on how GIRLS ARE BEING NEGATIVELY INFLUENCED and better content must be produced.

CNN Black Faced Guest; 'Seeing 'The Obama's in the White House is GOOD FOR KIDS"


"Obama's Seen In The White House Is GOOD FOR KIDS" 
The Migrant African Little Boy And Little Girl Would BENEFIT GREATLY IF THEIR MOTHER WAS STILL ALIVE.
Their Mother Drowned In The Mediterranean Sea As The 3 Of Them Departed Through Libya On Their Way To The UK.   THE LIBYAN NAVY WAS DESTROYED IN THE 2011 "US COUP" THAT OBAMA TOLD THE WORLD WAS A "HUMANITARIAN MISSION" 
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