Thursday, September 01, 2016

Constructive Feedback University: Some Day Soon We Will Drop The "Right/Left" Didactic And Focus On THOSE WHO ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT POWER Versus Those Who Are OUTSIDE OF THE ESTABLISHMENT POWER - Who Used To Be In Opposite Positions

There is something very strange going on all over the world.

In France - the once "Socialist Liberal president" is today leading the enforcement of laws banning the BURKINI - see above.

This is a swim suit that aligns with Islamic tradition - cover the female's body, including the hair.

These BURKINIS are seen as subversive.

Yet if a woman wore the swimsuit pictured to the left - she would be welcomed on these same beaches in France.

The REAL PROBLEM IS - when the OUTSIDERS seek power they make indictments against THEIR ENEMIES IN POWER.

When THEY BECOME THE ESTABLISHMENT POWER, and there comes about a situation by which they can't play against their TRADITIONAL ENEMIES, it is they who become the ESTABLISHMENT ENFORCEMENT. 
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