Friday, September 02, 2016

Constructive Feedback University: The FLAW Of Quanell X's Analysis Of "Donald Trump's Black Poverty" Statements And His Agreement About The Democrats Unchecked Run On The Black American Community

Quanell X IS NOT A Donald Trump Supporter And Will Not Vote For Him.

The line of argument allowed Quannel X to be used by his White Republican debate adversary in this, the latest of their video taped debates over issues of race and politics.

It is the failure of Quannel X to define a component of (so called) BLACKNESS that resides outside of AMERICAN POLITICS, which leads to the mistaken conclusions that most viewers of the video will walk away with.

After watching the clown guests on CNN's weekend show last week, diverting the attention away from high rates of poverty in the Black community and away from the MURDER of Dewayne Wades cousin - it is - at least partially refreshing to see a Black man focus on THE STATISTICAL TRUTH and not THE MESSENGER.

Still I do not agree with Quannel X or the "Breaking Brown" lady because their ANALYSIS is not sound.

It is important to state that BLACK AMERICANS were SOLD a NARRATIVE and that this narrative was fundamentally about AMERICAN POLITICS AS A SALVATION.

The fact that a steady 90%+ of Black votes go to the Democrats is ultimately IRRELEVANT.  
The REPUBLICANS are ready to take over the harvest using similar lies.

The key point that Quanell X missed as that BLACK PEOPLE ARE SEEKING 'DEVELOPMENT' AND UPWARD THRUST'.
The problem is that THIS THRUST IS NOT Exclusive to AMERICAN POLITIC.   American politics is ONLY relevant in America!!!

There are only 45M Black people in America and more than 1.5 Billion outside of America.  The fact that AMERICAN POLITICS have allowed the Narrators Of Blackness to deceive people into believing that the BLACK AMERICAN is the center of the so called BLACK WORLD is "the intellectual crime".

I am less concerned that inner city Blacks (and now suburban Blacks) remain  disproportionately poor despite living in Democratic Strongholds which made certain promises to them THAN I AM that the "American Containerized Negro" has been CUT OFF from his awareness about the LARGER WORLD that exists beyond his consumer experience in America - and when the same POWERS that he used to FIGHT AGAINST continued BOMBING NATIONS OF COLOR, it was the Insular Negro In America - who showed that he is merely a TOOL  to be whipped up or sedated - all based upon the NEEDS of his handlers.


I have no confidence that the new generation of wealthy Black individuals have any plans to develop Black people than did the previous lily White band of wealthy individuals.

Quanell X needs to be talking about INSTITUTIONS that GO UNMOLESTED By American Politics, where anyone who draws the masses INTO politics to fix things that the group had already agreed CANNOT BE SOLVED BY POLITICS - must be THROWN OUT OF THE GROUP , lest they continue their molestations
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