Sunday, September 18, 2016

As The Atlanta Journal Constitution (Again) Celebrates Rep John Lewis' "Fight" To Open The "National Museum Of African-American Black American History" In Washington DC, They Refuse To Focus Their Viewfinder In Atlanta And Note The Trail Of UNDERDEVELOPED Black People That Lewis Has Presided Over And Harvested For 26 Years

Only "General George Washington" looms larger in the annals of the "American History Narrative" as a man whose tales of "Greatness" far exceeds the real world truth, ESPECIALLY when we allow into this narrative the version of events from the point of view of the "Negro SLAVE".

Rep John Lewis is only a media creation, left untouched unlike any other man in a position of power for no other reason than the fact that HE GOT HIS ASS KICKED IN SELMA ALABAMA that Black Americans might have the right to vote.

Not even the secular progressives who DON"T believe that "Jesus Died For Our Sins, So That We'd Have Ever Lasting Life" would ever confound this narrative of Rep John Lewis.

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