Monday, September 19, 2016

365 Days Of Social Justice For Travon Williams, Keaira Palmer, Dylan Scott, Kashara Parks, Michael Fuqua, Miprecious Hoskins Chancey Harper Jr, Gabrielle Hill Carter, Dorthy Dow, Jada Page, Nykea Aldridge, Charles Rudison, Arshell Dennis III, Darren Seals, Aromsuk Somohot, Tim Brackeen, Kayla Cuevas, Nisa Mickens & Sara Salih: Sara Salih Died In The Wrong Place (West Philly) At The Wrong Time (When The F#ck The Police Killer Was Walking By As She Looked Out To See His Gun Shots Fired)

Sara Salih
A 25 year old Black female from West Philadelphia is now dead.
She made the mistake of looking out of door as she heard gunfire in her community.
Unfortunately this gun fire was from the "F#ck The Police Killer".

As a troubled young man from Philadelphia who fell through the cracks by which his "Black Life" was more valuable as a political token than as a 3 dimensional human being, in need of a healthy community environment as the primary means of providing him his PURPOSE in life.

Sara Salih did nothing wrong.
Sara Salih's father, who heard the shot that took his young daughter's life did nothing wrong.

They are both on the receiving end of a SYSTEM through which DECEITFUL PEOPLE throw their toxic waste into the stream, and then are confident that their DISCIPLES will believe them when they tell them "WHO DID THIS TO THEM, WHO POLLUTED THE WATERS THAT THEY CONSUME IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITY".

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