Saturday, September 10, 2016

365 Days Of Social Justice For Travon Williams, Keaira Palmer, Dylan Scott, Kashara Parks, Michael Fuqua, Miprecious Hoskins Chancey Harper Jr, Gabrielle Hill Carter, Dorthy Dow, Jada Page, Nykea Aldridge, Charles Rudison, Arshell Dennis III & Darren Seals: Travon Williams (9) Of San Bernardino Died With 2 Other Black Men In July 2016, But In San Bernardino He Died In The Context Of A MURDER WAVE That Was Not Noticed By "Black Lives Matter", But Which Has Been Exposed By The LA Times As Consequence Of "El Nino"

LA Times INDEED Return To San Bernardino, But Made The Mistake Of Focusing Their Story On The "Islamicist Inspired Terrorist Shooting", Rather Than The "Micro-Mass Shooting Of Travon Williams"

ATLANTA BLACKSTAR NEWS And "The Root.Com" NEVER Went To San Bernardino IN THE FIRST PLACE  (Their Jobs IS NOT TO "Inform Black Americans" But To "DIRECT CONTAINERIZED BLACKS" Toward An Engineered Mental State Of Awareness )


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