Monday, August 01, 2016

The 102 Year Old DNC Delegate Tells Rep John Lewis: "I Was 51 Years Old WHEN YOU GOT YOUR ASS KICKED IN SELMA, And I Think That The Blacks In SW Atlanta Deserve Everything Your Leadership Has Done For Them"

The 102 Year Old Delegate From Arizona says of Rep John Lewis:
“He has done so much to help do away with the tensions between Americans,” she said.

Many Of The Black Residents Of SW And NW Atlanta In John Lewis' District Say:

"Tell that John Lewis that if he doesn't start coming around to support his Black constituents when we need PROTECTION FROM REGULAR VIOLENCE and not just to fight the threat of WHITE REPUBLICAN VIOLENCE AT THE VOTING BOOTH then we are going to 'Primary Him' and let him start a bus tour service from Atlanta to Selma Alabama in order to indoctrinate Atlanta Public School children, once again." 

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