Friday, August 05, 2016

Fraud And Hokum's Journal: In The Wake Of A Record Pace In St Louis County Murders And A Public Defender's Office Which Says It Is Over-Burdened And Under Resourced, Missouri Governor Punts The Criticism Saying, "Multi-Millionaire Michael Jordan Should Resend His Donation To The "NAACP Legal Defense Fund" Because, Now That The "Mike Brown Moment To Movement Has Run Its Course And The Activists Are Now Focused On The Presidential Elections, The NAACP Are No Longer Interested In The Black Murders That Are Dominating St Louis County

St Louis County's Surge In 2016 Is STILL SMALLER Than The "Exsanguination" That Is Staining The Streets Of St Louis City Proper
All Lives Matter
Some Lives MATTER MORE When The Scene Of Their Homicide Can Be CONTAINERIZED For Use T Advance A Larger Agenda
The Public Defender's Office In Kansas Say That While Every Public Defender Could Use More Funds, They Are Not As Screwed As Their Peers In Missouri Because "TAX CUTS DO NOT COMMIT CRIME"
What's The Matter With "Social Justice" And Indigent Defense In Missouri? 

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