Monday, August 08, 2016

Filled Negro Says That While He Is Not Endorsing The Violent Actions Of The"Philly Chinese Stir Fry Street Pirates", This Is An Opportunity To Confront The "Asian Black-Owned Business Owners" About Their Low Rate Of Employment Of Non-Asians Behind Their Bullet Proof Glass

The City Of Philadelphia Appears To Have More "Korean Owned Chinese Stir Fry Joints" Per Block Than Any Other City In America.
Nearly All Of These Spots Have Bullet Proof Glass Separating The Customers From The Workers.
Some Innovative Soul Should Do A COMEDY BOOK About The Various Configurations Of The Bullet Proof Glass.
My Favorite Is A Beer Joint On Lancaster Ave (They No Longer Serve Hot Food, Despite Having The Menus Up).  They Have A Bullet Proof Glass Wall, With A TUBE That You Put Your Money In To To The Left, And Then The Clerk Slides Your Purchase In The Tube.   No Chance That Anyone Could GEt Shot Gun In The Portal To Do Them Harm.

I DO NOT AGREE That "Asian Businesses Are Being TARGETED"!!

In these economically destitute communities of Philly some of the people are so "Hungry" that they merely are going after ANY PARTICULAR BUSINESS that shows SIGNS OF ECONOMIC LIFE.

We can tell by the paint job on the side of the duplex that these Asian business owners who live on the second floor above their businesses, ARE NOT WEALTHY!!.


  1. No One will mention why the "Obama Promised Zone" did not provide FULL EMPLOYMENT in Manchua and allow these Street Pirates to find gainful employment.
  2. NO ONE is going to confront John Legends LOGICAL LEAP in his statement to "Stop Young Black Males From GOING TO PRISON", when he SHOULD admit that PEOPLE GO TO PRISON BECAUSE THEY COMMITTED CRIMES (Regardless of what Michelle Alexander or Melissa Harris-Perrry or Ta'Nehisi Coates wants you to believe).  
    • Crimes Of OPPORTUNITY Take Place In The Areas That WERE HARVESTED Based Upon The PROMISE Of 'Social Justice Opporutnity', only to find out that the people were merely being USED in an EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRY.
  3. One Day these Street Pirates seen terrorizing productive business owners in Philly at gun point, the business owners who went into the lands that the Social Justice Activists called "FOOD DESERTS", attacked by Fast Food Corporations, and neglected by the RACIST SOCIETY, offering them freshly prepared food and who altered their hours - shifting to a late afternoon opening and late night hours in line with their customers' demands. And then their FINAL FATAL DECISION - choosing to live upstairs from their business so they do not have to pack their loved ones and their money into a car at 2am, having to leave their protection of plexiglass and iron bars TO GO HOME TO SOME OTHER COMMUNITY.......these same STREET PIRATES will become the evidence of MASS INCARCERATION for the FRAUDULENT SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVISTS who point to the PRISON SYSTEM that makes money off of them.
    1. NEVER in their FAKE SERMONS will the face of the terrorized SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS who had their house raided as the scavengers looked for VALUABLES at the choice of THEIR LIVES - be projected on the church's Audio Visual screen - for doing so would bring HUMANITY to the VICTIMS, but more importantly EXPOSE THE CONFIDENCE SCHEME of the activists - who are INCOMPETENT AT DEVELOPING PEOPLE.

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