Monday, August 15, 2016

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY: The Projection Of The HOPES Of This "Underdeveloped Black Woman" In South Africa Must Be Viewed In The Context Of The "Harvesters Of Her Valuables" Who Are Happy To Have Her Investment Rather Than Correct Her With A Grounding Upon Reality And Risk Offending Her, Thus Losing Her Investment

Earlier this year I showed the documentary movie about the election of "Sweet Micky" to the presidency in Haiti.   This blog focused on how the PROPAGANDISTS harvested THE PEOPLE, projecting certain promises that an election victory would bring to the masses.

Most of these propagandists were AMERICAN ENTERTAINERS.

With the term of "President Sweet Micky" having come and gone NO ONE goes back to these American Celebrities and forces them to OWN UP to the deception that has  been marketed.


If I could sum up my violent disagreement with "Embedded Confidence Men" / "Container Managers" it is that THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN about the DEVELOPMENT OF 'ORGANIC COMPETENCIES' among the Black population segment in question.   AS LONG AS THE NEGRO INVESTS HIS VALUABLES (his hopes for development) into the VEHICLE that will advance the "Container Manager's" Ulterior Motives then this investor will be deemed a "Good And Conscious Black".

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