Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Constructive Feedback University: The Proper Understanding Of The NAACP's Protests Against Police Shootings Of Black Americans. They Are Using Their American 1st Amendment Rights As 1) Americans, 2) Political Operatives, 3) To Advance Post Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalism, 4) USING THEIR "BLACK FACES" To 5) "Keep Their White Right Wing Enemies On Trial" 6) So Few People See Through Their Filibuster And Agree To Defend UNDERDEVELOPED BLACK AMERICAN INVESTORS From Being Harvested Again


It would be INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST For Constructive Feedback University to protest the CHOICE of the NAACP to have a protest against POLICE KILLINGS OF BLACK PEOPLE.

For the record - we view the NAACP as merely a 501c3 organization whose job is to mix it up in American politics, "protecting their GOD" - American Politics and the rise of a new "Progressive Fundamentalist Colonial Establishment"

This diagram from more than 8 years ago from this blog properly captures the disposition of the NAACP.
The NAACP and other 'Black Faced Progressive Fundamentalist Operatives' have secured a carve out in AMERICA that few people have the insight to see their real function:  AGGREGATION OF POWER - UNCONTESTED - because they OWN the INDICTMENT OF RACISM.

Of course - it is true that in 2016 :

  1. The monopoly majority of Black Americans ARE NOT MURDERED by a killer who is motivated by RACISM
          • The Job Of The Operatives IS TO MOLEST THE PROPORTIONALITY and make WHITE/POLICE killings of Blacks SUPERIOR to the "run of the mill" killings
  2. The majority of Black students in America whose academic experiences fail to sufficiently prepare them into RESOURCES through which EFFECTIVE COMMUNITY UPLIFT is experienced - DO NOT have the "Jim Crow Era" systematic racism of the past
      • The Job Of The Operatives is to switch the obligation of EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE upon the SOCIETY and thus make you believe that the school district that the NAACP allies now control are STILL damaged by national racism rather than a fraudulent protection scheme - THEY HAVE NO INTENT TO DEVELOP BLACK AMERICANS!!!
  3. The majority of lack of economic UPWARD THRUST felt by the average Black American (Beyonce, Jamie Fox, Lebron James, Common, Oprah, Jon Legend NOT INCLUDED) is being DIVERTED BY CONSUMERISM and LACK OF PURPOSE - and thus the oft heard "income gap' with the PERFECT 1.0 WHITE AMERICAN/EUROPEAN is never going to be closed as long as their ONLY GOAL is to CREATE AN INDICTMENT with the goal of GAINING MORE POWER, again having FAILED to use their seats of POWER in the VERY SAME SEATS THAT PAST WHITE RACISTS projected their RACIAL OPPRESSION OF BLACK AMERICANS
    • Today - "Black American Human Resources Development Institutions" are MOLESTED by Progressive political operatives
    • NO ONE is going to review the "Obama My Brother's Keeper Program" - 10 years from now and ask someone to explain HOW IT IS that so many Black organizations folded their Black male outreach actions into this NATIONAL POLITICAL PROGRAM - and yet THERE IS NO MEASURE of the VALUABLES THAT WERE INVESTED, cross indexed by the MEASURE OF EFFECTIVE UPLIFT.  

With this as a baseline - the proper understanding of the 24 hour protest by the NAACP in Atlanta against POLICE KILLINGS is to look at the diagram above and note that THE NAACP IS INCOMPETENT AT "COVERING THE ENTIRE AREA OF NEEDS FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY".

In as much as the NAACP and "#Black Lives Matter" seek POLITICAL SOLUTIONS then they MUST BE MADE TO COVER THE ENTIRE AREA OF NEEDS (Police Shootings, White on Black Shootings, GANG VIOLENCE, domestic violence, etc).

The value of them being ONLY AMERICAN POLITICAL OPERATIVES, in which their "BLACKNESS" is ONLY a shield is that those in the media and the various churches who would OTHERWISE PLACE IN CHECK A "CORPORATION" OR A "WHITE RIGHT WING ADVERSARY" for exploiting people - ARE NOT GOING TO EVER see the "American Containerized Negro" rank and file as AN AMERICAN WHOSE VALUABLES ARE BEING STOLEN - and then the media or the church act as a PROTECTION FOR THE LEAST OF THESE - against the NEW PROGRESSIVE COLONIZER (Container Master).


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