Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Constructive Feedback University: In The Future No One Will Claim: "The Black American Has Set A Course That Is Distinct From The Values Or Time Line Of A Regular 'American', Despite His Claims Of Influences From Africa ". Atlanta's Spelman College To Consider Admitting Transgender Students As They Imagine A "Progressive World Of 'Non-Discrimination' "


MY OPINION:  Spelman is a PRIVATE COLLEGE and can do what it chooses on this issue of gender identification, or anything else.

I reserve the right to appraise Spelman and any other such institution in the context (and irony) of their "Newly Enlightened Position".

After so many decades of "All Female Schools" both resisting the admission of male students because they were "Safe Spaces For Girls To Become Women" AND after several lawsuits against "All Male Colleges" as sources of DISCRIMINATION and POWER CENTERS not available to women - it was the TRANSSEXUALS who slayed the "beast" of protectionism that stood at the front gate of Spelman and other such female-only colleges.

As said before on this blog:  

  1. There is NO SUCH THING as a world without "Discrimination".   "Discrimination" and the resulting "Discernment" are necessary elements of civilization
  2. Those who are selling you on a world of "Non-Discrimination" are selling "Unicorn Pee" and should be inspected for they are ONLY selling a "NEW EDITED LIST OF WHAT IS PERMISSIBLE TO BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST" - one's DISCERNMENT is required to see the scheme
  3. "LGBTQ Activism" is merely an IDOL GOD, meant to corrupt institutions - JUST LIKE: "White Activism"and "Black Activism" have the legacy of molesting the integrity of institutions by appending a "Special Mission" upon them, thus allowing the very DISCRIMINATION that "Spelman" and other "Enlightened Progressive" colleges claim to be working to disentangle themselves from.

The irony of the "Black American" institutions who so frequently pointed to their "African Ancestral Roots" and the STOLEN AFRICAN CULTURE from SLAVERY AT THE HANDS OF WHITE PEOPLE - a THEFT that we are still suffering the ill-effects from today:  IF THEY WERE SHOWN A LIVING 'AFRICAN CULTURE' and asked to SUBMIT to this CULTURE - 95% of the "American-Containerized Blacks" would REJECT this supposition outright, with about 35% bold enough to say:  "TO HELL WITH YOU AFRICANS, I AIN'T NO AFRICAN!!  I am an 'AFRICAN-AMERICAN".

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