Tuesday, August 09, 2016

365 Days Of Social Justice For Travon Williams & Keaira Palmer : The Funeral For Travon Williams And The 2 Other Murder Victims 'Will Not Be Televised"..................Just Like The "Revolution"

The Local Newspaper Covered The Funeral For The 3 Murder Victims

The "National Black Media" Was Focused On What They Valued More:  "Stopping Donald Trump" And The Black Girl Who Was Shot By The Baltimore County Police - Her Death Increased The ONLY BLACK BODY COUNT THEY GIVE A DAMN ABOUT - The Police Killing Of Blacks

Triple Killer Trayvon Brown Has NEVER Had His Image Posted Upon "Very Smart Brothas" Because Of The Fraudulent Conspiracy To "Never Post Stories That Reflect Negatively Upon Black People, Only Stories That AFFIRM That We Are 'The BLACKEST' Propaganda Web Site"

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