Sunday, August 14, 2016

365 Days Of Social Justice For Travon Williams, Keaira Palmer, Dylan Scott & Kashara Parks: WHAT GANG Taught Travyon Brown How To Murder Two Innocent People In Order To Get To His Target? Why Doesn't The Media Ever Tell Us His Gang Membership?

Both Travon Williams And Keaira Palmer Were Murdered In The Context Of STREET PIRATE GANG Activity.

Why is it that the SCLC is busy tracking down (supposed) "Klan Sightings" in Piedmont Park over the easy access that Street Pirate Gangs have to young Black people under their watch, because they have diverted their "Night Watch" into focusing on OLD GHOSTS OF CIVIL RIGHTS, proving their incompetence at DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE today? (Other than swelling the wells of the voting rolls)

Why is it that the Southern Poverty Law Center is uninterested in tracking Street Pirate gangs?
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