Monday, July 25, 2016

Two Mayors Assassinated In Mexico


The Chaos And Bloodshed In Mexico Today Will NEVER Be Viewed In Line With The "LYNCHING FIELDS" Of The Pre-Civil Rights Era American South FOR NO OTHER REASON Than THE SUPERIOR WHITES ARE NOT DOING THE KILLING TODAY IN MEXICO

I just watched the documentary "Drugland" (I think that was the name).  It was about the reign of terror in Mexico at the hands of the Drug Cartels, the government officials - faced with death threats - who bent to the whims of these cartels and a band of individual citizens, tired of the MASS KILLING and LAWLESSNESS - who started their own groups for "Auto-Defense" and suffered from their own bit of legal excesses.

So much of the political debates inside of America are conducted inside of a 'Colonizer's Boxcar" - highly unaware of the larger world around them.

Just as a Black female Progressive Fundamentalist academic (this analysis is being queued up in another post) is allowed to drop the names "Emmett Till" and "Amadou Diallo" into today's discussion about "White Rage" and "Black Lives Matter" - IT IS SIMILARLY TRUE that this fraudulent bit of academics reserves the right to exclude any exculpatory evidence (outside of their Intellectual STD [Space/Time Distortion]) that would undercut the WHITE SUPREMACY MEME that their "Black Progressive Fundamentalist Struggle" is founded upon.

I do not personally blame a Mexican (or Central American) emigrant for seeking mental solace by exiting their land of terror.  But as I said the other day:  the NUMBERS do not add up.  The shift of the issue toward 'Immigration' into "Historically White Nations" is not a solution.  It is only political opportunism.
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