Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"Duck Dynasty Republicans" - The "Separation Of Church And State" MUST Be Lead By The People Who Value Their Relationship With GOD As SUPERIOR To Their Relationship To The "American Capitalistic Consumer Political System"

It Is A Time Period Where All Of The "INSTITUTIONAL MOLESTERS" Unmask.

There Is No Better Time For The "Secular Progressives" And The "Secular Right Wing Capitalists" To EXPOSE Their Respective RELIGIOUS Institutions As FRAUDULENT.

Just as I say:  "African History Is Real.............Black Studies Is A Fraudulent American Colonization Scheme"..........

SO TOO Is It True That MOST American Churches Compromise Their Integrity By Liquidating Their Congregation's "FAITH IN GOD, UNSEEN" Into MOBILIZATION Into AMERICAN POLITICS, As The Supposed "Manifestation Of Their RELIGIOUS CALLING".

The only benefit with "American Political Religiosity" Is That, Unlike The Muslim Sunnis And Shia - The Fraudulent "Secular Progressive Christians" And The "White Right Wing Christian Theocrats" Have Not Yet Devolved Into An Outright Shooting War, With Churches Blow Up - Along With The Congregants Inside.

It is strange that: (and you can print this as first hand experience)

  • RIGHT WING CHRISTIANS Are Closer To Zionist Jews On The Matter Of Israel Than They Are With "Progressive Christians", Both Of Whom Purport To Submit To "Jesus"
  • PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL CHRISTIANS Are Closer To The SECULAR PROGRESSIVE ATHEISTIC Political Operatives Who Wage Attacks On "People Of Faith" (As Stupid) Because They Understand That They Are Not Talking About "Themselves" (Think Clarence Thomas In A Room Full Of White People Who Say 'You Are Not 'One Of Those Other Blacks' ' ) Because They Both Share The Very Same Secular Progressive Outcomes 

The Roberts family of "Duck Dynasty" fame purports to have their "Christian values" above all else.   I actually respect the content of their "Reality Show" more than I do what I just saw in the commercial for "Cutting In The ATL" (or whatever its name is).  

While it is true that the Secular Progressives that have one of the "Duggards girls" on its cover, allowing her to give her story about "escaping" from a cult is indeed a ploy from the Secular Progressives to equate them to the saga of "Kanye West / Taylor Swift / Kim Karsahsian" - the fact remains they too are combatants in the same war and are not faultless.

The "Duck Dynasty Crew" is not going to stand on the stage that the Republicans provided for them and call out the FRAUD, any more than:
  • The First Black President - standing on the "NATO Stage" talking about "Racism In American Policing" is going to talk about how the sight of the "Former European Colonizers Of Africa" providing rescue operations for "Drowning Africans" AFTER the very same NATO bombed the naval fleet of the African nation that would have otherwise provided the sea rescues themselves
  • THE NAACP refusing to be recorded in "Black Studies" as the first "Black" organization to host a leader of a "Historically White Nation" who "Ran A Coup In An African Nation", but was warmly received by the forces of "Social Justice" in America who fight the government as they attempt to roll over people of color in the name of "White Supremacy"

Without a transparent submission to an INCORRUPTIBLE, IMMUTABLE GOD - we end up with what we see today:  POLITICAL RELIGION OF MAN

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