Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Constructive Feedback University:NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY - After Total Silence In The Unsolved Murder Of A Black Woman In A "Black Park" The SCLC, In The Case Of The Rumored "Piedmont Park Klan Lynching" That Was Ruled A Suicide By A Black Medical Examiner And Accepted As Such By The Black Mayor, The SCLC Petitions The White Republican Governor To Find The Klansman In His Party Who Did It

If You Want To Know About My EVOLUTION As A Black Man In America You Only Need To Consider The Logical Response To Seeing 25 Years Of This Type Of Non-White White Supremacy In Which The Rumor Of ONE WHITE KLANSMAN Is Worthy Of Walking Past Hundreds Of Dead Black Bodies In Their Own Community In Order To Follow Their Own Bigoted Agenda That Has NOTHING To Do With Governance Of The Black Community

It Is Critical That You Note The Organizational Names That They Reference And How They Link Their Present Diversion Scheme To The National Black Lives Matter Fraud Sheme

The Piedmont Park Klan Lynching Case 
AJC: Suicide Victim Struggled With Being A Gay Black Male

(This is just ONE of hundreds of such 'Dead Black Bodies' I could point to, their murderers STILL walking the street, but because of the likelihood of WHO was the murderer (or who WAS NOT the murderer, to be more accurate) - the Civil Rights Pharisees wait for the 'Process' to work itself out. 

She Was Shot Dead And Found Naked In  Rev James Orange Park
The SCLC Was Not Moved Into Action On Her Lynching And Her Murderer Is Still Walking The Streets

If I Was Still Alive I Too Would Walk Around The Police Tape In My Park In Order To Go To The Most Progressive And Diverse Park In Metro Atlanta To Hunt For The Klansman In The Name Of Social Justice

The Architects Of The Grand Diversion Scheme That Undercuts The Governance Of The Black Community.

The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta Were Running The "#Black Lives Matter Diversion Scheme" Before Today's Young Protesters Grew Into "Unlovable Little Brats" 

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