Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Good Discussion With My Nigerian Friend: IMMIGRATION Into The USA (Or Europe) Might Have Provided You With A Measure Of Solace But With 173 Million Other People In Nigeria It Is NOT A Solution

If you told me in college that "Africa Is NOT 'The Promised Land", that there is a bevy of 'Real Africans' seeking to exit 'The Motherland' for Europe in droves - I would have called you a liar.

Today the sight of seeing tens of thousands of Black Africans risking their lives across the Mediterranean to make it to Italy/Europe because 'Life In Africa' is also a certain death is a sentiment that I watched with amazement at the "Mexican Border" when the show "Al Jezeera America" ran "Borderland" and showed a woman from El Salvador say: "God will protect me" as she walked off the virtual plank.

Worse than the "White Right Wing" bigots who attribute everything negative to 'Black' (yes I am talking about YOU!!) are the people who maliciously paint a picture of "Past Perfection That Was Stolen" and then parlay that myth into "Permanent Injury TO-DAMNED-DAY" in order to hide their fraudulent "Harvesting Of Valuable" (domestically) and their "Benign Neglect" for the people who gave their "Complimentary DNA Check Swab Samples" - in order for American consumers to learn which portion of their genetic makeup is from Africa.

I go out of my way to purchase items from my Nigerian friends modern day "5 and Dime" on the southside of Atlanta.

He sees me coming in on occasion and greets me with a 'gap tooth smile', knowing that before I exit we are going to have a serious conversation.

I do not talk about "Africa".  (I've only been there once.)
I tell him about "Black Americans" and how "Consumerization", "Politics" and "Non-Violent Colonization" has made them a NET THREAT to the "Real Africa" because, in their appeasement in America - the world powers can now do what THE HELL THEY WANT TO IN AFRICA - knowing that the "WEAPONIZED COLONIZED AMERICANIZED SO-CALLED NEGRO" -the ONLY "Black Face" in the world with a VOTE that can alter the course of "American/European Imperialism" - has been systematically co-opted to focus on fraudulent diversion schemes like "Black Lives Matter" and "The President Of The United States is a VICTIM OF RACISM".

Today we have a disagreement on the matter of "IMMIGRATION".
He is an "Immigrant" to America.
I am married to an "Immigrant" and probably spend 80% of my social time with Caribbean immigrants.
I am wise and sensitive to the subject.

However, the NUMBERS (Proportionality) for "Immigration" does not add up.
From an American-centric point of view we saw the proposal for "10,000 Syrians" into the United States, thrown out like a piece of red meat, cause the "combatant bigots" fight - just as the President Of The United States had intended.   Unfortunately with 4 MILLION Syrians departing their homes to evade war and terror - the number "10,000" appears indeed to be an ENGINEERED FRAUD that had the predicted outcome.

The TRUTH is clear.
The GLOBAL NEGRO is just as culpable in the Killing, Corruption and MOLESTATION of the various governments that he runs around the world as is the "European/American Forces" are in seeking to keep him in his under-developed state.  In fact - we just learned:  "You Don't Need To Be A WHITE PRESIDENT In Order To Continue 'Euro-Centric Colonization" of 'Nations Of Color'.

In their fractured state and molested institutions, they will come begging for help, asking you to send 'Drone Bombs' to kill their domestic enemies.   (Imagine Rep Bobby Rush agreeing to allow the federal government to do drone bombings against the 'Black P'Stone Rangers Gang' in Englewood?

The point is - just because a sovereign government agrees to allow the US government to kill people in their sovereign lands - that it would NEVER EVEN THINK OF DOING inside of America - doesn't mean that it is justified.

The trick is convincing the 45M "Americanized Blacks" to not think of these deeds in terms of "Englewood", but in fact to keep them largely ignorant about the comparisons.  This is the value of today's "Black Studies" academics who are leading the diversion scheme inside of America.

OH NO - do not mistake me for a "Black Nationalist".
I have come to the conclusion (after getting half way through "Black Power" - written by Stokely Carmichael) that "MELANATED SKIN" - if you believe in evolution is ONLY a function of defense against DIRECT SUN BEAMS.

The call for rallying around "BLACKNESS" is as fraudulent per the 'American Political Opportunist' as it was with THE WHITE MAN whose commercial greed during Slavery cast an EQUAL HUMAN BEING who had the genetic compatibility to sire children with into the lot of "Farm Animals", yet worthy of a "3/5th Human Head Count" as the White Southern wanted "Federal Welfare" apportionment.

It is clear that no "Nigerian Politician" today summons his "BLACKNESS" as a distinguishing attribute to the "BLACK GUY" who is his political opponent. SO WHY does the "Weaponized American Colonized So-Called Negro" allow this fraud to harvest his valuables inside of America?



A Relatively Insulated "Boundary" - Where The People's Aggregate Thoughts And Repetitive Behavior, Channeled Through INSTITUTIONS - Is The Only CLEAN Measure Of The Effectiveness Of THE SYSTEM.

The Attributes Of:
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Income Class
  • Sexual Orientation
Are all merely "MAN MADE 'GODS'" for us to do battle over as a truthful analysis of our SYSTEMATIC EFFICACY at "Developing People Via Their RETURN ON INVESTMENT (Of Their Valuables)" is confounded because - ONCE AGAIN - Most people are CONSUMERS and NOT INTELLECTUAL THEORISTS.

Of course:
  • A Section Of A City
  • A City
  • A State
  • A Region Of A Country
  • A Nation
  • A Continent 
all provide a measure of feedback regarding how these governing institutions effectively develop the group of people who are subordinate to the common practices within.

THE BOTTOM LINE, as I told my Nigerian friend today - THE STRENGTH OF THE INSTITUTIONS to resist molestations from WITHIN and FROM THE OUTSIDE is the key development strategy that the interested "Stakeholders"  should be focusing upon.

It is IRRATIONAL to believe that a fairly sizable group of people can be enveloped by another SYSTEM and their mere presence bring them fortune and safety.

We are tacitly agreeing that it is not THE PEOPLE who are at fault, because the same warm bodies who move from 'dysfunction' to 'stability' can be made to prosper.

If this is the case then first FIRST STEP is to inspect the agenda of those who focus on TRANSFER over GOVERNANCE (in the original space) and then secondly distill the "Essence Of Functionality" that is present in the destination place - and then force the people to answer: "WHAT ABOUT THESE ELEMENTS THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO YIELD TO IN YOUR NEW HOME, THAT YOU WERE NOT WILLING TO DO SO IN YOUR PLACE OF ORIGIN?"

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