Wednesday, July 27, 2016

365 Days Of Social Justice For Travon Williams: The Public Defender's Job Is to Ensure That The Killer Has His Constitutional Right To An Aggressive Defense - Even Though He Did Not Respect The "Right To Live" Of His Victims


He will NOT BE "The White Best Friend" Coming To The Defense Of The MAN WHO MURDERED A BLACK Man - Because In The World Of "Dark Matter Analysis" - THE REVERSE INDICTMENTS Do Not Hold Sway (ie: The Black Man Who Comes To The Character Defense Of The WHITE MAN Who Murdered A Black Person)

If Attorney Anthony Kirbirk gets the entire case against Trayvon Brown thrown out of court on a petty technicality (he was not read his Miranda rights)  - THE COLLECTIVE 'SOCIAL JUSTICE ADVOCATES' WON'T GIVE A DAMN.

The only threat to Trayvon Brown's life as a free man will be when he REENGAGES in Street Pirate Gang Activity.   But socially he is good as  "One Of The 10 Guilty Men Who Walked Free So That An INNOCENT MAN Is Not Falsely Incarcerated"

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