Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Fraud And Hokum's Journal: In "Air Black N Progressive's" Attempt To Count The "Racism" Of "AirBnB" They Uncover "Non-White White Supremacy" Is Just As Problematic


"Hell To The No!!!  Ya'll 'Fist In The Air' Black Progressives Are Always Try'na Pull A Fast One On Black Folks, Think'in We Stupid!!!

When I opened up the web page: 'Buy Black, Buy Progressive' and before I clicked on the "LampBacked N Progressive" bed and breakfast app on my Samsung Galaxy 7 I whipped out my iPad and went to 'Sketch Factor' to see where I am NOT going to stay while in Chicago.

This girl did not exit out of North Philly and move to South Jersey to escape the violence only to GO ON VACATION in an area of Chicago surrounded by violence.

Thanks goodness that I am out of the Digital Divide and can now make informed decisions using technology and not just be drawn on my sentiments using 'Social Justice'".

"Before I go into this strange tale let's all admit - WE ALL HAVE PREJUDICES.   But my wife and I are about as open minded as White folks come when it comes to race.

I have had plenty of Black guests in our Bed and Breakfast.  Never had a problem with any one of them.  In fact I learn something new about Black people each time I talk to one of them.


He had a chat session with me on the "LBnP" app that went something like this:

  1. Where are you located?   Northside of  Raleigh NC
  2. What is the racial make up of your neighborhood?   We are about 92% White but the 4% Black people have never had a problem living here and the 4% Asians feel the same
  3. What is the youngest age that you would accept for a Bed And Breakfast Guest?  Why that's a pretty strange question.  I assume that you mean an adult with a young child.  Well I'd go as low as an 8 year old as long as they don't make a lot of noise at night.  Hell, its only for a couple days vacation anyway. 
  4. "I need for you to work with me, sir.  You see I am trying to diversify the White local school in your community and I need to work out a deal with you by which I pay you a discounted rate for a constituent of mine to list your address as his home address so that he can get a good education at your White school, that he is being denied at his Black local school due to the legacy of racism."    IS THAT YOU REV BARBER?  I thought that voice sounded familiar from your "Moral Monday's Protests".   Now I told you before that I can't participate in anything illegal, even if it achieves the diversity that you see.  Any Black person who purchases a home and moves in to the area will be welcomed at our school.  

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