Saturday, June 18, 2016

Filled Negro Says "The More Confident That They Are In A Trump Presidency, White People Are Getting More Violent, So We Must Stop Trump" - VIOLENCE IN THE DELAWARE VALLEY

Table Cell

THE NEW POLICE CHIEF OF PHILADELPHIA IS "UNBOUGHT AND UNBOSSED" - Which Is Why The Progressive Fundamentalist Mayor Backed Off His Promise To End "Stop And Frisk" That Got Him Elected
"I WAS RIGHT THERE At Your 'Take Back Our Black Community - Community Safety Rallies" - In West Oak Lane, In Germantown, In Greys Ferry, In Wynnefield, In Kennsington.   And now you I stand before you IN OVERBROOK,  6 months after you invited me to YOUR 'Black Community Voter Registration / Safety Forum', after yet another 'Dead Black Body' laying on the street and I tell you again:  I DO WHAT I CAN TO STOP MY POLICY FROM TRIGGERING 'Black Lives Matter Protests', BUT ONLY YOU, THE BLACK COMMUNITY, can stop the young people who were raising in your homes from killing each other.  YOU MUST FIND A 'RITES OF PASSAGE PROGRAM' that is EFFECTIVE and not POLITICAL AND FRAUDULENT"  


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