Sunday, June 12, 2016

FILLED NEGRO - I Need A Quote For This Picture

  • "I YIELD MY BODY TO HELP YOU TACKLED 'WHITE RACISM' - Just As Long As You Don't Ask Me To Tackled Any Good White Progressives'"
  • "I Forgive You About 'Benghazi Libya' Because Most Black Americans Did Not Realize That The 'Humanitarian Mission' Preceded The Attack On The CIA Compound In Benghazi"
  • "Shhhh Between You And Me - YOUR HUSBAND DID NOT Trigger 'Mass Incarceration' With His Policies.  When My Brother Was Murdered I Was Happy To See The Ninja Who Killed Him Get Life In Prison - But I Won't Hold This Talking Point Against You Because We Blacks Must Sacrifice In Order To Prove That We Are Good Progressives"
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