Saturday, June 04, 2016

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY - Justice, Systematic Justice And Social Justice

SOCIAL JUSTICE = A Colonization Scheme. (period)

Where as "JUSTICE" demands that the individual first identify the "Paramount Principle" by which to guide themselves toward AND "Systematic Justice" is the collective 'operationalization' of these principles through INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE.............

SOCIAL JUSTICE is the scheme by which THE COLONIZING FORCE compels the 'Colonial Subjects' to fight against a POLITICAL ENEMY, with the deceptive promise that, UPON THEIR GROUP VICTORY OVER THIS ENEMY they will receive the 'Golden Shower Of Social Justice'.

When the people see that they remain in an UNDERDEVELOPED STATE despite their decades of INVESTMENTS in this framing, but fail to see that they are being USED AND COLONIZED - the COLONIZER amplifies his PROPAGANDA, thus shoring up any prevailing doubts in the ranks of those who answer when called 'The Least Of These'.

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