Friday, May 20, 2016

The Colonizer's Little Black Book: While "The Atlanta Voice" ADMITS That In The Old Days Of Racism 'Racially Identifiable Regions' Made It Easier For Them To Guess The Race Of A Criminal Assailant In Their Newsroom, The Increase In Diversity In Lawrenceville Georgia Is A Necessary Steppingstone In The Progressive Takeover Of Gwinnett County Politics


THE REAL PROBLEM WITH THE METRO ATLANTA "Mentholated Black Media Pressgang"
THEY ARE TOO MUCH The "Stenographers Of The Black Racial Services Machine Oligarchy" To STAND UP FOR THE INTERESTS OF THE UNDERDEVELOPED BLACK RANK AND FILE When It Becomes Obvious That The "Perpetual Struggle Motion For Social Justice" Through PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST POLITICAL ATTRITION Might Be Good For PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM But The DEVELOPMENT INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE Becomes A Tertiary Concern (Behind Political Power And Progressive Fundamentalism)

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