Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Colonizer's Little Black Book: As A Negro Preacher In North Philly Condemns The New "White Progressive Mayor Of Philly" For Reneging On His Promise To Eliminate "Stop And Frisk" - WHYY Failing Again To Provide Exculpatory Evidence, Refusing To Ask The Preacher "SO HOW IS THAT TAKE BACK NORTH PHILLY STREETS AWAY FROM STREET PIRATES BY REGISTERING BLACKS TO VOTE" Scheme Going So Far?

SOURCE: Philadelphia Police Department May 2 2016

With New York City At 7 Million People But ONLY 24,000 Stop And Frisks
BUT Philadelphia At Less Than 2 Million People But With 200,000 Stop And Frisks......................CLEARLY The NYPD Should Be Credited For THEIR CREATIVE REPORTING - AND WE SHOULD NOT Be Casting The Eye Of Scrutiny Upon The Philadelphia Police BUT THE STREET PIRATES Who Have Made The HOMICIDE RATE JUMP UP 21% IN 2016.

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