Sunday, May 29, 2016

Social Justice Lacks Basic Civility And Necessary Reciprocity: After A Harris County Georgia Sheriff's Deputy Is Shot In The Eye During A Traffic Stop, "#Black Lives Matter Georgia" Vows To File A Racial Discrimination Lawsuit IF This One Accidental Violence Against One Police Officer Causes Any Police Department On The Entire Length Of I-85 To Approach A Carload Of Black People With Any Additional RACIST SUSPICION That They Exhibited Before The Officer Was Shot In Harris County

Tune Into "The National Geographic Channel's" "Front Line" In Which They Show Live Action Battles Between The US Government Forces Against "The Enemy" (Their Words) And How An Unlimited Amount Of "SUPERIOR Fire Power" (Their Words) Can KILL All Resistance - But Never Be Recorded As "Imperialism" Like It Was In The Past - BECAUSE Today The US Government Got The Colonized Americanized So Called Negro ON THEIR SIDE And TUNED OUT About What Is Going On., GA News Weather & Sports


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