Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fraud & Hokum's Journal: As A Woman Voter Crashes Her Car At A Polling Place In Dekalb County, The NAACP Demands That The US Department Of Justice Impound The Car And Have It Independently Inspected To Show That The White Republicans Cut Her Brake Line

Driver Crashes Car
Over Retaining Wall
At Dekalb County
Voting Precinct 
The Dekalb County NAACP Says:

"With VOTING RIGHTS SUPPRESSION, Social Justice Mandates That They Assume The Worst Case Racist Scenario Against The White Republicans And Force Them To Prove That They Are Not Intending To Force Black People Out Of Power In Dekalb And In The White House"
The Georgia State Patrol Investigation Shows That The Accident Was Caused By A Highly Excited Elderly Driver And There Was No Evidence Of "Black Voter Intimidation".  In Fact It Was At A WHITE CHURCH On Lavista Road In A White Liberal Enclave In Dekalb County.
Based With The Mounting Evidence Against Their Initial Suspicious The NAACP Legal Defense Fund Issues A Modified "Friend Of The Court" Brief That Hopes To Address The BIGGER PICTURE Of White Republican Suppression Of Diverse Progressive Votes, Including White Liberal Allies In The ACLU. 

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