Saturday, May 21, 2016

Constructive Feedback University: If "Anti-Immigration" Is Racist White Right Wing Supremacy THEN What Do We Call Black Progressive Fundamentalist Objections To So-Called GENTRIFICATION After They Have FAILED TO DEVELOP THEIR CONSTITUENTS?

The Same Negro Confidence Men Opinion Writers Who Argue That "Black Americans Are Not Monolithic In Their Thinking"......................Are The Same Negro Confidence Men Opinion Writers That TELL OF BLACK MONOLITHIC THINKING In Regards To What "THE COLONIZED NEGRO IS OFFENDED BY"

(Subtitle: What "Funny Farm" Produces The Negro Opinion Writers In The Various Local Papers That Make Them Publish Such Uniformed 'Black Faced Progressive Fundamentalist' Arguments That They Do?")


The pattern is uniform:
From Philadelphia to Detroit to Newark to Atlanta to Pittsburgh to Cleveland to Kansas City:  EACH OF THESE CITIES has a "Black Enclave", dominated by the "Black Racial Services Machine Oligarchy" with a rich inventory of DILAPIDATED REAL ESTATE that the Civil Rights Pharisees affix some "Racial Historical Image" upon in order to run a protection racket from MODERN DEVELOPMENT.

In the case of Solomon Jones - a dual pollinator for "WURD - Black, Progressive And Proud" radio and the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper - he makes reference to the storied Black history in Point Breeze (South Philly) and how "THE NEGRO WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN" as "WE" did with University City - which was first a 'Negro Removal Project', then built up for urban redevelopment only to fall again.  Today the local universities have taken over this fertile ground and plan on using it as a foothold for 'Gentrification" in West Philly.

Solomon Jones then goes on to play interference for a Black Progressive Fundamentalist Philadelphia City Councilman, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, for using the TRADITION of affording a councilman's sole vote to veto any land use project in his home district.    The fraud of Mr Jones' position is that JOHNSON'S POINT BREEZE DISTRICT IS FULL OF ABANDONED HOMES - why is a veto of new development proof of CARING FOR BLACK PEOPLE - while the legacy of incompetent in DEVELOPING THE PEOPLE and as a result the HOUSING STOCK is no Vice?

In a "Ta-Nehisi Coates-ese"  "3 Card Monte' Scheme" argument Solomon Jones points to the legacy of the "Black Bottoms" (the University City area) and how "The Blacks" lost their land during "Urban Renewal".   For some strange reason this point in time was an ATTACK UPON THE INTERESTS OF THE NEGRO - but the uninterrupted 50 year span of Black Progressive Fundamentalist Power Acquisition inside of Philadelphia Politics, which left the various Black redisdential areas HAPPY ON ELECTION DAY, but UNDERDEVELOPED none the less WAS NOT SEEN as a "TILLING AND STOLEN HARVEST OF BLACK COMMUNITY VALUABLES" by the wise Mr Jones.

You see - Solomon Jones AND Kenyatta Johnson AND Chaka Fattah are all a part of the THEFT BY TAKING of the Negro's valuables into AMERICAN POLITICS.

You must first become UN-BLIND to "The Process" which produces "The Problem" before you can see the MOLESTATION that your antics represents.

POPULARITY is not proof of "PERMANENT INTERESTS".   It merely can TRICK the Negro into believing that his interests are served.
It is when the Colonized Negro tries to STAND UPON HIS TWO FEET while wearing the "Social Justice CROC SLIPPERS" that he was given to purchase his valuables that he sees how immobilized he actually is.

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