Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Constructive Feedback University: From A Transactional Standpoint "Snoop Dogg's" Criticism Of The "Roots Remix" Are Spot On. From A STRATEGIC Standpoint, He Fails Because He Never Tells You Who "THEY" Is Because "THEY" Also Position Him As A Credible Political Strategic Commenator

CALVIN BRAUDUS IS CORRECT:  The Perpetual Propagation Of The SLAVE NARRATIVE ENTERTAINMENT (And "Civil Rights Pharisee Hero Narratives" From The Past) Are COLONIZATION ATTEMPTS - Attempting To Frame The System Of THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS Of Today's Colonized Subjects - BLACK AND WHITE

SNOOP DOGG IS A FRAUD In That He Makes Use Of The Ambiguous References To "THEY" Without Noting That "THEY" Are The Same "THEY" That Books Him For Public Venues Where, Instead Of Being LAUGHED OFF THE STAGE - They Give Him MORE EXPOSURE Because HE IS THE KEY TO KEEPING THE YOUNG COLONIZATION CANDIDATES Entertained And Unaware Of The TEMPERATURE IN THE POT

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