Sunday, April 17, 2016

The School Leadership In Dekalb County Sees The Need To "FIGHT" The Threat Of The "White Right Wing Public School Take Over Plan" Rather Than Acknowledging That SCHOOLS THAT ARE VERY SUCCESSFUL Are Praised By The State Rather Than Being Attacked

Source: The AJC

The words in my title versus what the new school superintendent of Dekalb county might be dismissed as mere semantics but in truth they are worlds apart.

It is the "Fight Meme" that is one of the main gravitational pulls upon the "Colonized Negro".  In fact it gives him HIS PURPOSE.

Get the Negro in Dekalb to "Fight".   Stand up a WHITE RIGHT WING ENEMY to FIGHT AGAINST and in short measure all of the promise of "Social Justice" that the Negro invested his valuables into erecting "Black Seats Of Power" (this is what they call them on "Black-Wing Grievance and Political Opportunism Talk Radio") and pretty soon you will turn a BLACK INVESTOR into A TEAM MEMBER who is fully willing to abandon every principle of "Defensive Investing".

The irony of the bigger picture is:

  • The Places Where The "Black Flight Progressives" are most motivated to move into for the interests of their Black children are the very places that the "NAACP Legal Defense Fund" is most likely to sue for racism and voter suppression (Gwinnett County and Fayette County)
  • The Places Where The "Black Racial Services Machine" are most prone to trick the Negro into FIGHTING are the places that NEED THE MOST REGULATION so that the "Black Permanent Interests" are not misappropriated into Progressive Kingdom Building at the expense of the Negro

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