Monday, April 11, 2016

The ADHD In Schools Industrial Complex

I had a great conversation with a close friend who is on the front lines of the crisis in our inner city schools.   He works at an alternative school that has a student body consisting of middle school children with behavioral problems or children returning from the juvenile prison system.

He laid out for me the gravy train that is rolling in regards to the "DRUGS AND MONEY" that is flowing in the "ADHD scheme".

Most of the students who receive "ADHD prescriptions" are BLACK MALES.
The teachers facing the prospects of a class full of disruptive children OR a class that is sedated with a drug cocktail is likely going to choose the drugged up children.    For at least SOME of the impoverished parents - the more severe the diagnosis the larger the benefits check.

He laid out the scenarios as to how the severity of the diagnosis translates into another $100 sent to the parent(s).   It was saddening to hear how some parents treat their drugged up child as if he was an "IRS Deduction" that could be sold to the neighbor.

He also admitted that the teachers, who have to follow a regimen for distributing these drugs to the children, are also beneficiaries from the reduced disruptions.

My friend always reserves the staunchest condemnation of the corporate players who create "The System".   He focused upon the pharmaceutical industry for pushing drugs into the mouths of children, but he did not specifically focus on the source of the payments both to the industry and the parents: THE GOVERNMENT.

It is the GOVERNMENT that is the ultimate enabler of the system that we see above.  The parents and the pharmaceutical industry are merely opportunists.

Despite all of the rhetoric of our "Uniqueness" as a people or how "Things Have Changed In Our Society" - IT IS CLEAR that the Black American has little to no infrastructure what will allow the Negro to avoid being pawned in a game that identifies his deficiencies yet profits when it attempts to bring the Negro up to an acceptable societal standard.

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