Tuesday, April 26, 2016

FRAUD AND HOKUM'S JOURNAL: The "School To Prison Pipeliners Have Gone Too Far". In A Local "Good News" Story About Mays High School Students Running A Hydroponics Lab That Grows Leafy Greens And Spices That Are Given To School Lunches, They Claim That The "Free School Labor Will Condition These Students To Perform FREE PRISON LABOR Once They Are Mass Incarcerated Because They Are Black"

Source: My Fox Atlanta

The green houses at Benjamin E Mays High School are teaching students the science of hydropic agriculture.

They grow fish and use the fish waste as fertilizer to feed the plants.  In turn the leafy greens and spices are sent to 83 Atlanta Public School lunchrooms for consumption by the children.  This saves the Atlanta Public Schools money in the purchase of such items from food distributors.

From this one story about FREE SCHOOL LABOR, some perverted activists who already believe that these Black school students are destined for the "School To Prison Pipeline" believe that this is but the first step toward indoctrination.  In 3 years when many of these students are locked up in a For Profit Prison they will be forced to work for free, utilizing their newly found scientific skills for free labor used to make the prison money.

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