Sunday, April 10, 2016

Constructive Feedback University: THE IMPORTANCE OF 'REAL BLACK NEWS". Though Both "Black Progressive Fundamentalist Leonard Pitts Jr" And The New Movie "Eye In The Sky" Talk About Recent US GOVERNMENT DRONE BOMBING OF PEOPLE OF COLOR, Neither One Of Them Report On The POV Of The Dead People

The Pattern Confirmed:

When A Progressive Fundamentalist Operative Must Criticize What They Used To Protest Against WHILE OBAMA IS IN OFFICE They Say "THIS COUNTRY" 

Anyone who is demanding that a Black Progressive Fundamentalist Propagandist / Colonizer's Field Agent ATTACK OBAMA in the same way that they ATTACK REPUBLICANS are themselves at fault. 

For confidence men like Leonard Pitts these are actually challenging days.   Since OBAMA IS "YARDAGE FOR PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM" they are never going to attack him for violating what they have previously sold you upon as their CORE VALUES.

It is up to those of us who are carefully monitoring their fraud and colonization scheme to set up models by which to measure their schemes.  

In the case of the recent article by Leonard Pitts on the use of US Drones to perform "Mass Executions" in Nations Of Color he did not make a single mention of "The Obama Administration" and thus he did a Self-Checkmate and did not mention the evil intent of the "Bush Administration" when he expanded his indictments of US drones back to the year 2004.  

Now of course, back then, there was a fervent "Anti-War / Anti-Bush" movement around the globe.   Yet it is rather ironic that Obama's greatest victory as an American Imperialist is that HE HAS (mostly) REMOVED AMERICAN LIVES FROM THE RISK ON THE BATTLEFIELD AND REPLACED THEM WITH DRONES.

As of yesterday the US Government used a B-52 bomber to drop several large bombs on Syria and Iraq and as a result they issued a travel alert to Americans living in Turkey.

  Rest assure that Leonard Pitts, Charles Blow and David Love - 3 Black Progressive Fundamentalist Operatives are NOT GOING TO INITIATE A SUSTAINED ATTACK AND CONDEMNATION AGAINST US BOMBING AND SUMMARY KILLING OF PEOPLE OF COLOR.    For Progressive Fundamentalists their sustained attacks are always against a PERSONALITY IN POWER and NEVER are allowed to grow into a SELF-INFLICTED WOUND AGAINST THE EXPANSION OF PROGRESSIVISM. 
The OTHER MOVIE That Did Not Get The Acclaim As "Birth Of A Nation - The Nat Turner Story" 
TRUE STORY:  Last weekend I saw a crime show in which the Somalian actor Barkhad Abdi had taken a woman hostage (inside of America).  I told my friend: "That is the same African who had his head shot off like a cantaloupe by the US Navy in the movie 'Captain Phillips' ".   Later that weekend I saw one of those orange covered lifeboats that the US Navy snipers shot the Somalian "Pirates" at a local marina.   

In watching "BBC Focus On Africa" I was made aware of the new movie about American drones used to monitor and kill Africans called "Eye In The Sky".  

Since "BBC Focus On Africa" (like CCTV's "Africa Live" but unlike MSNBC's 'The Grio') is the POINT OF VIEW OF THE AFRICAN, DESPITE THE OWNER OF THE PLATFORM BEING WHITE - the narrative about the film focused upon how Africans feel knowing that when they see an unidentified aircraft buzzing over head in their sovereign nation they are being watched and could be subjected to a certain death, all based upon the decisions of the American Drone Pilot who is stationed thousands of miles away.

If you look at the American coverage of the film, however, they put it into the perspective of the American military personnel who are operating the equipment. 

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