Sunday, April 24, 2016

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY: A Group Of Economically Powerless 'White Power' Colonial Subjects Protest At Stone Mountain. A Group Of Economically Powerless 'Black Lives Matter' Colonial Subjects Counter Protested With Aggression. THE STATE Via Its Police Force Won The Battle

This TV news broadcast taken in its entirety provides the best context of the COMPLICIT FOOLISHNESS that transpired in Stone Mountain Georgia this weekend.

This blog has been monitoring the "Confederate Flag Proxy War" within the context of the problem plagued Dekalb County Georgia - noting that CORRUPT LEADERSHIP in power today ARE ALSO USING THE FLAG as a means of generating "Faux Black Unity" in a fake "Struggle Motion" to remove the vestiges of WHITE SUPREMACY.  

The larger truth is that end results that WHITE SUPREMACY hopes to achieve is seen on the Streets, in many of the Schools and along the formerly bustling economic corridors within Dekalb County.  


But of course the Ignorant White protesters who showed up today are but a small snowball on the tip of the iceberg.  They are powerless and marginalized in a larger society that has abundant wealth and education.

IN THEIR IGNORANCE they turn to "RACIAL HERITAGE" while their COLONIZERS are making money and advancing technology, and yes - trashing the cultural and social order which had a stabilizing effect on EVERY community.

On "WRFG" (The Progressive Information Station) I heard a faux Black Studies professor make note that the problem with Brazil's female president has to do with "WHITE SUPREMACIST MALE PATERNALISM" (more on this specific issue later).

We are told that "White Supremacist" "Christian" "Paternalism" is at the root of our societal problems.  Yet as the counter-protesters are drawn out of their own communities to confront this threat - THE FLAW OF THIS SUPPOSITION is exposed:

For the White Heritage Supremacists - they don't acknowledge that their Self-Penned 'Historical Greatness' came with the systematic oppression and bloodshed of the "Others" - including White women.

For the Faux Black Nationalists - in their perpetual fight against "White Supremacy" they are loath to admit that a Black man walking down Candler Road in Dekalb County in 2016 has a better chance of getting attacked by a fellow Black man than by a WHITE KLANSMAN or the POLICE.

They both are codependent in their ecosystem of ignorance.
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