Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Colonizer's Little Black Book: A PICTURE BOOK OF SYSTEMATIC NEUTRALIZATION AND USUPRATION OF THE COLONIZED AMERICANIZED SO-CALLED NEGRO: Obama "Clowns" The Colonized Negro Who Said "If President Obama Doesn't Nominate A Black Progressive Woman To The Supreme Court I Am Through With Him"

"After A Thorough Vetting Process I Have Determined That He Was The WHITE Right Man For The Job" 

The Character Actor The Scheme To Trick The "We Are In The White House Negro"
The "We Are In The White House Negro"

"With All Of Those RACIST REPUBLICANS Controlling The US Senate, Their RACISM Forced President Obama's Hand And That's Why He Had To Choose A Fellow White Man Over A Black Female, But At Least He Is Progressive Enough To Represent Black Progressive Interests Equal To That Of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg"

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