Monday, March 07, 2016

Filled Negro Says That Had He Been Elected Judge Philly Would Be Totally Safe By Now

Man Shoots Employee Inside Of North Philadelphia Churches Fried Chicken BLAME THIS ONE ON THE "MENTHOLATED BLACK MEDIA PRESSGANG".

After Decades Of Fomenting "Urban Conspiracy Theories" (The KKK Owns Churches Chicken As A Platform To Sterilize Black People) They Aren't Able To DEAL WITH THE DAMNED TRUTH Within The Black Community.

NewsOne - Black Conspiracy Theories Other Than "Social Justice Is Being Denied By Our Political Enemies"

Source: 6ABC
When One Group Of People Underdeveloped By The Misdirection Toward Social Justice Transact Violence Against Another Worker Who Is Driving Toward Social Justice

Source: 6ABC

A Street Pirate Does Not Need A Gun, Its Just More Convenient 
Source: 6ABC

If Any News Organization Wished To Vie For A Pulitzer They Would Use Geographical Information Systems To Plot The Body Count In North Philly 2000 - 2016 And Then Cross Reference This Data Against The Total Number Of Blacks Killed In Mississippi 1900 Through 1919 As They Amaze The People That Their Stereotypes Have Been Wrong

You Can't Achieve A "Social Justice End State" By Tricking The People Into Believing That Their Selective Activist Outrage Is Actual Governance

Though he will get less time for murdering 2 Black people than a person who might have held up a pizza delivery driver without shooting the driver, there will be no outrage that extends beyond the aggrieved loved ones of the 2 deceased individuals.

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