Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Filled Negro Says: "Since The Ancestors Of The Foul Mouth Hispanic Kids On SEPTA Have Been Oppressed As Well, He Won't Personally Hold Them Accountable For Their Language, Especially Since The Little Klan Kids Are A Greater Threat To Black People

The Original Video Of The Young Hispanic Child On SEPTA Repeating In Public What He Clearly Hears At Home
After SEPTA And The Philadelphia Police Asked The Local Media To Show The Childrens' Faces The Parents Have Been Identified 
These Children Are Poor And Marginalized And Are Only Repeating What They Have Heard At Home
Filled Negro REFUSES To Extend To The KLAN CHILDREN The Very Same Benefit Of The Doubt About Them Being The Product Of Their Parent's Experience BECAUSE THE WHITE RIGHT WING IS IN THE SUPERIOR POSITION And None Of Their Children Should Be Left Off Of The Hook Unless They Become PROGRESSIVE 
"I Will Give A Black Child And A Hispanic Child Who Are Products Of Their Environment The Benefit Of The Doubt When They Act Out In Public.

I REFUSE To Offer The Very Same Social Justice Benefit To Any WHITE RACIST CHILD, Unless They Publicly Renounce Their White Right Wing Racist Upbringing And Become Progressive" 

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