Friday, March 04, 2016

Appropriating The Statue Of Dr King: Mike Luckovich Versus The Korean Retailer At An Urban Flea Market - The Killing Field Around "Malcolm X Park" In Philly Left With "No Urban Threat Coverage" To Blacks

Mike Luckovich Knows That The Americanized Negro Wants To See This Happen
VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! Or You'll Be On The Wrong Side Of History 

The Day That Racist White Right Wing Republicans Took Off Their KKK Masks And Voted For Donald Trump - They Killed The Opposition Republican Party And Showed That Their Racism Blinded Them Toward Facism 

Mike Luckovich Has A "No Urban Coverage In Philadelphia" Mandate

Anyone Who Has Been Following This Blog For Some Time Will Have Picked Up On The "Constructive Feedback University" Geographic Information System 'Big Data' Observation Of The KILLING FIELD In West Philly That Has MALCOLM X PARK As Its Hub

We Are Happy That The Philadelphia Inqurier Has Decided To Put The Pieces Together 

8 Black People Killed Near Malcolm X Park 

Technically I Disagree With The Body Count And Perimeter That The Philadelphia Inquirer Used.  I Believe That There Are Far More "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" In The Relevant Area But I Do Not Have The Time To Search Through This Blog's Archives To Accurately Enumerate The Black Carcasses 

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