Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Colonizer's Little Black Book: The New Fayetteville Mayor And NAACP Chapter President Tells His Congregation: "Any White Resident Who Believes That EVERY BLACK MALE IN THE CITY Is Responsible For The Gas Station Robbery Is Not Welcome In His City"

Fayetteville Mayor Edwards Speaking To The "Fayette Rotary Club"

"Now Miss Betty You Have Made It Perfectly Clear That You Do Not Like Me, My Style Of Leadership Or What You Perceive As The Direct That Fayette County Georgia Is Going.  As A Politician I Can Accept That You Are But One Voice But Ask That You Accept That A Little Over 250 People Out Of The 16,000 Citizens Disagreed With You And Believed That I Was The Best Choice For Mayor.

As A Fellow Christian, However, I Ask That You And I Try To Remain On One Accord, Working Together To Make Sure That The Rainbow Of All Of God's Children Can Live Together.

As The President Of The NAACP, However, I Take Exception With You Telling Me That "My Black Ass Can Go To Hell, Along With The Rest Of The Blacks Who Are Moving In From South Fulton And Clayton County".   You Are On The Verge Of Committing A Hate Crime.

Your Grandson Was Not Injured During The Robbery.  I Have No Control Over The Fact That The Robbers Understood That A WHITE LIFE PUT AT RISK Would Compel The Store Manager To Remember The Combination To The Store Safe.  Everyone Knows That The Sign 'Manager Cannot Open The Safe During Store Hours' Is A Lie."

Fayetteville Mayor Edwards Speaking At The Georgia State NAACP Meeting

"My People!  By Beautiful Young Black People!!  Please Let Me Speak My Peace Before You Continue To Shout Me Down.

While YOU Might Think That I Should Have Been More Aggressive With The White Lady Who Disrespected Me And My Position As Mayor BECAUSE I AM BLACK, You Fail To See That There Are More "Miss Betty's" In Fayette County Georgia Than There Are "#Black Lives Matters" Supporters.  

I Estimate That We Will Have To Allow The Latest Uprising Over The "Atlanta Public Schools Reform Of Poor Performing Black Schools" Before We Have Enough "BLACK FLIGHT PROGRESSIVES" Living In My City Of Fayetteville, And ONLY THEN Can I Neutralize The "Miss Betty's Of The World.

I Asked Before That You Start An "Obama's My Brothers Keeper Chapter" In Fayette County.  When These White Folks See That Of The Last 5 Murders In Their County 4 OF THE PEOPLE WERE BLACK - And NONE OF THEM WERE KILLED BY A FELLOW RESIDENT OF FAYETTE COUNTY, This Cuts The Legs Of Of My "Social Justice/ Racial Diversity / Christian Unity" Progressive Message.

I Need You All To Work With Me And Start A "Black Voter Registration / Obama's My Brothers Keeper Sign Up Session' IF, 4 Years From Now In The Midst Of A Presidential Election That You Want PROGRESSIVISM To Have A Stronger Hand Against The White Republicans.

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