Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Colonizer's Little Black Book: MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Slips Up And Tells The Truth About The Role Of Her Black Co-Workers To A GOP Senator: "We've Got The Negroes Sedated On Their Claims Of 'Africa Africa Never Again!!'. Do You See Them Protesting Based Upon Any News Articles Riling Them Up? Why Do You Keep Bringing Up The NATO Coup In Libya And Benghazi When I Asked You A Question About The Damage To The American Global Image With Prisoners Held In Guantanamo Bay?"

MSNBC:  We've Tricked The Negro To The Point Where We Don't Even Have To Cover The US Bombing Of Africa Or The Fact That 40 Million Negroes On The Continent At At The Risk Of Death From Lack Of Water.   All We Need To Do Is Keep Showing Them Flint, Ferguson And Tamir Rice And Their Local Protest Leaders Will Take Care Of The More Intimate Redirection Services. THE COLONIZED NEGRO STILL BELIEVES THAT HE WILL SOON GET 'SOCIAL JUSTICE' AFTER YET ANOTHER DEFEAT OF THE REPUBLICANS, SO WE REMAIN IN GOOD STANDING AS WE HELP FACILITATE THE NEGRO'S DREAMS AND DO NOT OFFEND HIM

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