Wednesday, February 17, 2016

SBPDL 180 Right Black At Cha: Sometimes One Has To Give Begrudging Credit To SBPDL For Scouring The USA Exposing "Black Criminality" But Then You Realize That They Are Assholes, Not Interested In Anything But Slandering Black People

As with "Filled Negro" if you allow someone to invest hyper-focus on one slice of reality they will indeed happen upon some damning information that should be discussed.

Unfortunately for "Stuff Black People Don't Like" - they are NOT interested in bringing issues that have been muted by the national press to the forefront in order to stop corruption.

SBPDL presents their details in order to affirm to their "White Readers" that THE NEGRO is indeed a "Menace To Society".

I just printed out the article from the New Orleans Advocate, have not read it yet.  So while I don't yet know the bias of the NO Advocate with regard to the murderous subject, I know that Paul Kersey of SBPDL believes that without the threat of violence, that most Black men would do the same.

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