Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Psychology Not Politics: Comedy Central's Jessica Williams Perfectly Captures How The "Colonizer's Field Agents" Value FIGHTING THE WHITE RIGHT WING Over The Integrity Of The Progressive Fundamentalist Scheme As A Voice Against 'Income Inequality", "Government Oppression" And Racism


  1. THE PRECIPITATING ISSUE:  Beyonce's Super Bowl Half Time Performance In "Designer Black Panther Gear"
  2. THE PROPAGANDA MESSAGE:  Taking The "Black Lives Matter Movement" From The Streets To The Stage Where Billionaires Flew In On Private Jets And Paid $1,000+ For Tickets To Their Luxury Skyboxes
  3. THE AFFIRMATION:  "YES our message was today A PART OF THE STAGE SHOW rather than an INTERRUPTION OF A SPEAKER"
  4. THE PUSHBACK:  "The Super Bowl is an entertainment venue for all and not a political stage"
  5. WHO DID THE PUSHBACK - The Amorphous White Right Wing

As I have said several times before - 18 months ago I had no clue who "Jessica Williams was". 
As she makes her media impression SHE IS A BLACK TOKEN - limited to a specific role on a WHITE SHOW that is pleasing to Progressives.

Since PROGRESSIVISM WILL NEVER REGULATE PROGRESSIVISM to maintain the integrity of its message - WHEN GIVEN THE CHOICE Jessica Williams WENT AFTER THE WHITE RIGHT WING ON FOX rather than noting about Beyonce:

  1. She is a multi-millionaire who makes more revenues per year than most of the corporate CEOs who the movement indicts for Income Inequality - EXCEPT HER MONEY is "Good Money" Because Black Progressives Live Vicariously Through It  (So - It is not 'The Aggregation Of Money" that they are actually protesting against) 
  2. She is well connected among the Politically Powerful - EXCEPT She Is Advancing The GOOD GUY'S Message (So it is not "POWER CONCENTRATION" that they don't like.  They ARE a movement for power aggregation)
  3. She is a mass influencer.   At the gym yesterday I happened to notice that of the 10 songs that I listened to during my work out 4 of them were Beyonce songs.  

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT.   Colonizer's Field Agents like Jessica Williams are put in front of you NOT TO "RADICALLY PUSH THE EDGE".  Instead she is a stage player, given a specific role as the "Snarky Black Girl - Dressed Up As A Sexy Undergrad" for the benefit of the White male liberal.

YOU ARE NEVER going to see Jessica Williams break with the script and BRING FOCUS TO THE (near) 100 people murdered in Oakland California each and every day, whose carcasses were stepped over so that the one Black man killed by the SFPD got his place on stage.

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