Sunday, February 14, 2016

Constructive Feedback University: The Fraud Of The Black Progressive/Colonial Field Agent Disinformation Media - They Are Allowed To Cover Whatever They Choose. CSU Regulates Them By Keeping Aware Of All Of The "Dead Black Bodies' They Have Walked Over To Get To Their Propaganda Story

If you relied on "The Atlanta Voice" as your own news source you would be IGNORANT about the most recent "Black" news stories in Metro Atlanta.

Despite the fact that the GRAND ARCHITECTURE OF WHITE SUPREMACY, now run by Black folks, has commenced upon yet another restructuring so that BLACK STUDENTS WILL HAVE A CHANCE AT RECEIVING A QUALITY EDUCATION.................the operatives over at 'The Atlanta Voice" saw it more fitting to talk about "White People In Portraits And Statues" and then to "Drive Up To Flint Michigan' rather than mentioning ONE DAMNED THING ABOUT THE REORGANIZATION OF 46 PREDOMINATELY BLACK ELEMENTARY/MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOLS IN THE ATLANTA PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM.

You have to understand their psychology.
As OPERATIVES they must wait until a PREVAILING THEME is crafted by the Black Racial Services machine and only then will the stenographers latch upon a message.

  • "Black Students Being Exploited By Handing Their Schools Over To A Private Company"
  • "First They Locked Up Our Teachers Now They Have Set Forth A Plan To Lock Up Our Students Over The Next 20 Years" 
  • "Why Aren't Any White Schools Being Taken Over By This New APS Plan"?
It is not JOURNALISM but COWARDICE that they espouse.

IT IS CORRECT that, after 50 years, the students of APS have to suffer yet another massive retooling.
The problem is that when we go to LAST WEEKS "Atlanta Voice" we would see that they were heralding Mayor Reed's "State Of Atlanta".  They did not mention one damned thing about the "Fatherless Black Male" initative that Reed proposed.  This week they do not plan to mention ONE DAMNED THING about the damage to the Black students at these 46 failing public schools.

Having adopted the perverted notion that "We Do Not Slander Black People In Our Publication, But Instead LIFT THEM UP" - for "The Atlanta Voice" and other "Mentholated Black Media Pressgang" Operatives - UNTIL THERE IS A NARRATIVE BY WHICH THE WHITE RIGHT WING is stood up as the bete noir antagonist that caused all of the Negro's grief - THEY PUNT, as they are never going to take a stand for the permanent interests of Black people IF IT CAUSES THEM TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM.

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