Saturday, February 06, 2016

As A Black Man Is Arrested In Georgia For Running A "Pigeon Drop Scheme", The Georgia NAACP Offers Him Redemption As The Leader Of Their "Black Voting For Social Justice Iniative"

Police said Richardson’s scam was the old 'pigeon drop'. The scam has the con man persuade the victim to put up the money which would supposedly secure the rights to a larger sum of money, but there is nothing of greater value, instead the scammer makes off with the victim’s cash.
An elderly victim told FOX 5 News in 2009 that she lost $16,000. She said it was her entire lifesavings.
“Forty years of working, whatever I could set aside from my paycheck. It's just heart breaking,” Richardson said.
“The streets are a lot safer. This is a guy we’ve been looking for for a long time,” Whitlow said. “I do anticipate taking more charges.”

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