Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Rev Dr William Barber Story: How A Con-Man Made It To The Stage As The Keynote Speaker At The "Dr King Day 2016" By Exploiting The Lack Of Institutional Integrity Among The Civil Rights Pharisees, Thus Self Branding Himself As An "ADVANCER" - But They Failed To See That He Is ADVANCING PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISM But Not Black People's Competencies

When A Negro Preacher Is Perpetually Called To The Microphone To Talk More About "ADVANCING POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM" Rather Than Using "DISCIPLESHIP IN CHRIST" To LIMIT Those Who Are Thoughtful In What They Might Otherwise Choose To Do To Support THE WILL OF MAN - Then One Has To Admit That THE WHILE MAN WHO GAVE YOU CHRISTIANITY TO PRODUCE OBEDIENT SLAVES Was Well Aware That Others Would Come Behind Him And Steal The Accouterments Of These Ritualized Practice To Advance Some Future Colonial Agenda.   Today It Is Progressive Fundamentalism Via An Inside Attack
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