Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Colonizer's Little Black Book: In The Wake Of Yet Another Murder Of A Black Teen At A Dekalb County Transit Stop, Our Preview Of The "Dekalb County MLK Jr Day 2016 Social Justice & Black Voter Fight Rally" Program Shows The Problems That Stolen Consciousness Promotes

When There Is No PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST POLITICAL ADVANTAGE To Exploit When A Negro Gets Murdered - YOU WON'T HEAR A DAMNED THING From The "Civil Rights Pharisees" Who Claim To Want JUSTICE


Dekalb County Bus Station Murder Of 2014 Though 19 year old Marcaysia Dawkins was murdered around the same time that Tamir Rice was killed by a police man in Cleveland, Tamir got inducted into the "Black Civil Rights Homicide Victim Martyr Hall Of Fame", while Marcaysia's name is only remembered by immediate friends and family in Dekalb County Georgia.

The SEPTA Bus Stop Shooting Of 2015 Kim Jones was assassinated at a bus stop in Philadelphia by a co-worker who feared she was about to turn evidence in about his misuse of funds from a government grant.

The Vigil For Kim Jones That Never Spread From A "Moment Into A Movement" Outside Of Philly

This Murder Will NOT Be Made Into A Movie "Fruitvale Station II"  BART Shooting January 2016

The Life Of Yet Another Dekalb County Teen Is Taken At A MARTA Bus Stop Teen Found Shot To Death At MARTA Bus Stop In Dekalb County

The victim is 17-20 years old and is a black female.

Investigators are looking into a shooting that left a 17-year-old girl dead Monday night, according to DeKalb County police.
A pedestrian found the girl with gunshot wounds lying on a sidewalk in the 2000 block of Flat Shoals Road at about 9 p.m., . It was near a MARTA bus stop
Investigators are trying to determine the circumstances surrounding the shooting, Fore said.

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